OA Is Radical And So Are You

Core is committed to equity in librarianship and to expanding who has a voice in our community. Open access (OA) is integral to that process, which is why we publish several OA journals, including Information Technology and Libraries, Library Leadership & Management, and Library Resources & Technical Services.

This year’s Open Access Week theme is “It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity”. We believe that keeping professional journals open is essential to building structural equity within Core. Just because OA is freely available does not mean that it is free to produce. We need your support to continue to make our open access journals sustainably OA.

This is why from October 25-October 31 we are asking for your help and seeking pledges to support Core journals. A gift of $10 or more earns you a button that shows your OA support. 

The beauty of open access is that it is a community project that everyone should have the chance to participate in. Join us in supporting OA and making librarianship more equitable today.

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User Stories

“This Open Access week, let’s embrace the radical potential of libraries and open access, that we might become engines for knowledge creation and justice.”

— Lindsay Cronk, Core President

“By encouraging the open publication of novel approaches and case studies from the global community of library technologists, Core’s members are exposed to diverse points of view and different approaches to common problems.”

— Ken Varnum, ITAL editor

“Being OA allows greater access for readers and it allows authors to get their experiences and research out into the hands of library leaders.”

— Elizabeth Nelson, LL&M editor

Read more stories of the impact of Core’s OA journals.

Another Way to Support OA Publishing

We understand that not everyone is able to give their financial support while still being an OA advocate. Consider amplifying our limit-time campaign to your friends and colleagues by sending an email or tweet to help spread the word.

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I believe that OA is radical and so are you! Join me in supporting #openaccess at @ALA_Core. Find out more at https://alacore.org/sponsor

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Happy Open Access (OA) Week!

In honor of OA Week, the newest American Librarian Association division, Core, is launching a one week campaign (October 25-October 31) to raise funds to help its three journals (Information Technology and Libraries, Library Leadership & Management, and Library Resources & Technical Services) be sustainable OA. 

Publishing high quality research is not free. While Core is committed to keeping all three journals OA, just imagine what can be done with a little extra financial support. 

Show your OA spirit by donating $10 or more and earn a button that shows your OA support. 

OA is radical and so are you!

Support open access at Core

* ITAL and LL&M are full OA journals and LR&TS is OA for all articles except the current year. Your gift helps to increase Core’s OA publishing capabilities.