OA Is Radical And So Are You

Celebrate International Open Access Week with Core!

Core is dedicated to promoting equity in librarianship and expanding who has a voice in our community. Open access (OA) publishing, which makes high-quality scholarship freely available to readers around the world, is integral to that commitment.

In January 2023, Library Resources & Technical Services will join Core’s two other journals, Information Technology and Libraries and Library Leadership & Management, as a fully open access publication, and International Open Access Week is a great time to celebrate this milestone.

The theme of Open Access Week 2022, observed October 24-30, is “Open for Climate Justice.” This theme reminds us that open access contributes to bold, ambitious work that takes on the most important challenges of our time, and it invites us to reflect on how Core’s OA publishing can be part of such work.

Open Access Week is also an opportunity to address the fact that just because OA is freely available does not mean that it is free to produce. As Core increases its investment in open access publishing, it will be exploring new models for sustainable support, including annual fundraising drives.

This is why from October 24th to 30th we are asking for your help and seeking donations to support Core journals. The 2021 OA Week fundraising campaign raised $1035 from 38 donors, and this year we seek to match (or exceed!) that dollar amount while increasing the number of donors to 50 or more.

Open access is a community effort, and we can all participate for the benefit of everyone. Please join us in supporting OA and making the work of Core freely available to all!

User Stories

“I’ve spent most of my career managing an open access repository and promoting open access to researchers because I believe making research open to everyone has the potential to make the world more just. We can build infrastructure to support researchers and practitioners without their own funds or institution for access.”

— Margaret Heller, Digital Services Librarian, Loyola University Chicago; Core President

“Open access to scholarly research and educational materials is absolutely vital for a healthy, thriving democracy. We can’t be informed citizens if all of our collective wisdom and knowledge is locked behind a paywall.”

— Shanna Hollich, Library Director and Copyright Instructor/Consultant; Core Member

“Core’s journals have been central to the practice and scholarship of our shared profession and largely rely on volunteer labor. Although we understand that budgets are constantly strained, we also wholeheartedly believe that your continued support is a worthy investment in open scholarship that embodies the values of the library profession”

— Rachel Scott, LRTS editor; Core Member

Read more stories of the impact of Core’s OA journals.

Another Way to Support OA Publishing

We understand that not everyone is able to give their financial support while still being an OA advocate. Consider amplifying our limit-time campaign to your friends and colleagues by sending an email or tweet to help spread the word.

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I believe that OA is radical and so are you! Join me in supporting #openaccess at @ALA_Core. Find out more at https://alacore.org/sponsor

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Happy Open Access (OA) Week!

In honor of OA Week 2022, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a division of the American Library Association, is launching a one week campaign (October 24-October 30) to raise funds to help its three journals (Information Technology and Libraries, Library Leadership & Management, and Library Resources & Technical Services) be sustainably open access.

Publishing high-quality research in an open access format is one of the best ways to make knowledge and information widely available to everyone – but it is not free. While Core is committed to keeping all three journals OA, dedicated financial support from Core members and journal readers makes a big difference.

Open access is a community effort, and we can all participate for the benefit of everyone. Please join me in supporting OA and making the work of Core freely available to all!