Leadership Development and Mentoring Committee – May 2022 Report

Part of the Leadership & Management Section

The group met 2-3 times this quarter.

Recent Activities

First Activity
Committee finalized and launched a mentoring project. Currently seeking both mentors and mentees. Committee created a survey for self identification of needs of mentees and skills or expertise of mentors to aid in creating successful pairings. Evaluative/follow up work also being created to assist in refining the process of pairing mentors with mentees. Anticipate kick of for 4th week of June with an anticipate 6 month experience for each pairing. Encouraging committee members to sign up for the project
Meets Core’s strategic goals for Continuing Education, Membership and Engagement

Second Activity
Discussed ALA emerging Leaders submission – the committee missed the deadline for this project but wants to be sure that it is engaged for next year’s submissions.
Meets Core’s strategic goals for Advocacy and EDI

What will your group be working on for the next 6 months?
creating a system for pairing of mentor and mentees. Establishing assessment system for mentoring program. Seeking to promote program.

Submitted by Andrea Berstler on 11/15/2022