What Core Provides for IGs

Core will provide each Interest Group with the following resources and services, some of which are listed under Resources on the Handbook’s home page:

  • An automated way to reserve a Core Zoom Meeting Room for meetings and discussions;
  • A summary page on the Core website;
  • A group in ALA Connect for discussions, posting files, and taking any votes the group deems necessary. All Core groups will use ALA Connect, and IG members can use Connect group email addresses like a mailing list without ever having to visit the Connect website;
  • Core will host and coordinate a virtual Interest Group Week the first week of March each year. Every IG is welcome to sign up for a time slot to participate. IG chairs can choose how they wants to use their time slot: for virtual discussion, programming, panels, lightning talks, poster presentations, or any other purpose that will fit within the allotted hour. Core members and non-members, as well as non-members of ALA in general, can attend any IG Week session for free.
  • Scheduling of in-person discussions or meetings (not programs) at the ALA Annual Conference. IGs chairs can request space at Annual Conference for an in-person discussion, but a default room layout will apply, and A/V support will not be provided due to budget constraints. As a result, in-person discussion slots are not appropriate for formal programming.
  • The option to submit a program proposal for the ALA Annual Conference to be considered for acceptance by the Core Program Conference Coordination Committee.
  • Options for programs and discussions at the Core Exchange (virtual) and Core Forum (in-person);
  • Channels for offering online courses and webinars through the Core Continuing Education Coordination Committee;
  • Promotion channels through the monthly Core newsletter, Core News site, and social media channels.