Interest Group Week Instructions

Core holds one Interest Group Week during the first full of March each year. In January, you’ll see announcements in the Interest Group Chairs group in ALA Connect when it’s time to select a one-hour time slot and submit your session description. The program is always posted on the IG Week page on our website. Currently, IG Week sessions are open to anyone, including non-ALA and non-Core members.

This week is dedicated to IG content, and all Core interest groups are welcome to present a discussion, program, lightning talk session, poster session, or whatever other type of content you want to highlight. There are 25 time slots, all between 10:00am CT – 3:00pm CT, Monday – Friday. Time slots are first-come, first-served, when the poll for selecting a time is posted.

Questions We’ll Ask You about Your Session

  • Do you want a meeting setup (where everyone can see each other) or a webinar setup (where only panelists’ video is visible and there’s a Q&A module)?
  • Do you want to run any polls during your session?
  • Do you want to run any breakout rooms during your session?

We begin promoting the IG Week program one month before the event, so please try to have your list of speakers and session description ready by February so we can give your session as much promotional time as possible.

Registration is required for each session for safety and security against trolls, and each session will have its own link. When we set up your session in Zoom, we’ll send you the registration URL so you can promote it in your Connect group and wherever else you want.

Two weeks before IG Week, staff will put out a call for those who want to hold a practice session ahead of time. You’re welcome to invite your presenters to the practice session. These usually last about a half-hour and include audio checks, screen-sharing checks, and a walkthrough of the session’s flow.

Things to Know about Your Session

A Core staff member will sit in on your session to handle technical logistics and support. We’ll handle the recording, open/close the room, admit participants from the waiting room, watch for any code of conduct violations, and provide technical support. We handle the technical and process logistics so you can concentrate on the content.

Chairs/moderators will handle welcoming participants, doing introductions, handoffs between speakers, moderating questions, running polls, and moderating any breakout rooms or discussions. Basically, you handle all the content.

Zoom’s live transcription service will be on, and the chat and transcript will be saved afterward. Our Zoom rooms can handle up to 1,000 participants, although more than that can register. We usually see about half the number of registrants actually show up, while the rest tend to watch the recording. We’ll share your registration numbers with you during your practice session, but you can also contact us anytime to get an updated number.

How Your Session Will Go

  • Make sure all your moderators, speakers, and presenters have registered on their own to get a unique link to log in.
  • Log in 10 minutes before your session’s start time; this includes your moderators and presenters, too. This will give the staff member time to make you a co-host so you have full screen sharing and video capabilities.
  • We encourage you to include your pronouns in your name in Zoom. Use the “rename” function to add them if necessary.
  • Do a quick audio/screen sharing check with the staff member.
  • Go over the agenda with your speakers to make sure everyone knows the order of speakers and what will happen when.
  • At the top of the hour, tell the staff member you’re ready to go, and we’ll open the room to everyone. Once most people are in, we’ll start the recording.
  • When you hear the prompt that recording has started, begin your welcome and introductions.
  • The staff member will post a link to our Code of Conduct in the chat as a reminder for participants.
  • Once or twice during your session, the staff member will also post a link to your Connect group for anyone attending the session who isn’t already a member of the group so they can join.
  • Although it’s okay if you go 5-10 minutes over, we encourage you to move the discussion and any remaining questions to your Connect group after that point. If you’re going well over your time, the staff member will give you a 2-minute warning to keep things on track.
  • After the session ends, the staff member will stop the recording and close the room.
  • Within 48 hours after your session, a staff member will send you a link to the recording for you to share in your Connect group. We encourage you or your presenters to post slides/handouts in the Connect group, too. Note that you can upload multiple files to a single library entry, so you could group everything from the session in one link, rather than multiple ones, but either way is fine.
  • We’ll send a follow-up survey to all IG Week participants asking for feedback, as well as to participating IG chairs to find out how it went for you and what we can improve next time.

Have additional questions we didn’t answer here? Contact us or post your question to the IG Chairs group ( so everyone can see the answer.