Interest Groups

  • ALA Connect Orientation and Q&A – A Zoom session from January 2021 that provides information specifically for chairs about how to use Connect for your group.
  • IG Chair Responsibilities – Describes the role of IG chair and the expected tasks associated with the role.
  • IG Chairs group in ALA Connect – This is where staff posts announcements and where IG chairs can pose questions and have discussions with each other.
  • IG Report Form – Chairs are asked to fill this out in December and May each year
  • IG Chairs Town Hall – Watch the recording of the October 2023 Town Hall that shared information about how to participate in Interest Group Week and provided a chance for chairs to ask questions on any topic. There’s also a handout from the Town Hall (PDF).
  • IG Timeline of Events – A month-by-month outline of activities chairs should be tracking.
  • IG Week Instructions – IGW is held each March, and every Core interest group is welcome to participate.
  • What Core Provides for IGs – a list of resources and support available to each Core interest group