Committee Chairs FAQ

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Why shouldn't I use "click here" when sharing links with my group?

When we're promoting something on a website, social media, or in an email, our default is often to describe where a link will go but end with the phrase "click here." There are better ways to write that sentence that make these links more accessible and usable for everyone.

The article What's wrong with using "Click Here" links? is short and succinct in explaining why this is a problem and how you can easily fix it.

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ALA Connect

How can I ensure I receive emails from my Connect group?

The most important thing you can do is add the email address to the safe senders list in your email software.

If you're not seeing messages, please check your spam/junk mail folders to see if the emails are going there and then mark them as "not junk."

If you're using Gmail, you may need to check for the messages in your Promotions and Social folders.

One of my group members isn't getting emails from Connect. What can I do?

All group members have their email settings configured to receive your messages from their groups in "real time" as the default.

First, have the person check in their spam/junk mail folder. If messages aren't there, contact the Core office to have ALA work with the person's IT department to troubleshoot the problem.

While we have run into a handful of issues where someone has changed jobs and didn't update the email address in their profile, this is fairly rare. We've also had a couple of instances where someone's email was set to undeliverable in Connect because of a bounce, but we've been able to troubleshoot those and restore email service to them. All of which is to say that it seems to be pretty rare there are technical issues with email getting delivered to your group's members.

If you haven't heard from a particular group member, the quickest way to find someone's email address is to look at your roster on the Core website, log in, and refresh the page. You must manually reload the page to see contact information for everyone on your group. You can then reach out to that person to ask if they're receiving committee emails from Connect. If they're not, contact the Core office to have ALA work with the person's IT department to troubleshoot the problem.

Can anyone send an email to my Connect group?

No, only people on the roster can send an email to your Connect group.

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Core Logos and Branding

Where can I get a Core logo to use when promoting my group's work?

If you want to use the Core logo on a report your group creates or marketing for a session you're doing, you can find our colors in the Core Style Guide (PDF). A variety of horizontal and vertical logos are available in this Google Drive folder.

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Zoom Meetings

How do I schedule a Core Zoom room?

The Core Zoom Reservation System lets you  schedule your meetings whenever you want.  We have two rooms, so if Room 1 is already booked for the timeslot you want, you can check to see if Room 2 is available. Once you submit your selection, you'll receive an email with the login information for the session so you can share it with your group.

Division and section-level chairs can use this resource to reserve a Zoom room for up to one hour per day. Available times begin 2 weeks out in order to meet ALA's Open Meetings Policy and to make sure we can schedule any requests for ADA accommodations. To book a recurring meeting or a webinar, please contact the Core Office.

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Please contact us if you don’t see your question answered here.