Cataloging Children’s Materials – December 2023 Report

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The group met 2-3 times this quarter.

Committee Work

Summary of work accomplished, decisions made, and follow-up actions determined during the past 6 months

The authors of the 6th edition of Cataloging Correctly for Kids took part in a well-attended panel at ALA Annual, moderated by the committee’s past president.

Made plans to create a LibGuide for Children and Youth cataloging to be included with other Core LibGuides. Work on this will start in spring 2024.

Discussed Core Forum and other conferences that members have or will be attending.

Discussed possible subject heading changes being suggested by the LOC, and the process used to decide on those changes.

What will your group be working on for the next 6 months?

By May we will create a LibGuide for the Core website that will have a list of relevant internet and print resources for catalogers to use as a reference guide for cataloging children’s and youth materials. Our primary source for links will be the 6th edition of Cataloging Correctly for Kids, published in 2021.


Meets Core’s strategic goals for Career Building and Recognition, Membership and Value to Members

How did your work contribute to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, or belonging within Core or the library profession? What areas of improvement do you see for your committee or Core in these areas?

The panel discussion helped spread awareness of Core and cataloging to a wider audience within ALA.

We could use a more diverse membership within the committee.

Please provide suggestions for future education topics, initiatives, publications, resources, or other activities that could be developed based on your group’s work.
The members of the panel discussion have discussed creating a short webinar or talk based on their work that could be presented to Core and ALA members online.

Additional comments or concerns:
We are having difficulty recruiting new members and finding members willing to be chair or vice-chair. If we cannot find anyone to step into these roles in the coming year, it is possible that the committee will become inactive, or will need to be changed to an interest group.

Submitted by Hope Rider on 12/19/2023