Catalog Management Interest Group – December 2021 Report

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The group met 1 time this quarter.

Recent Activities

First Activity
Hosted a session for CORE IG Week 2021 in July.
Meets Core’s strategic goals for Continuing Education

Second Activity
Chairs Geiger and Griesi wrote up a report of their CORE IG Week session for Technical Services Report column in Technical Services Quarterly.
Meets Core’s strategic goals for Continuing Education

What will your group be working on for the next 6 months?
We will prepare for the 2022 CORE IG Week, transitioning the vice chairs to being chairs, and rethinking if this group wants to be more active and what the members would like to see this group do. Will meet in person at ALA 2022.

Is there anything Core could have provided during this time that would have helped your group with its work?

Additional comments or concerns:
We would like the vice-chairs added to the IG Connect group so that they are in the loop for any policy change.

Submitted by Lauren Geiger on 01/14/2022